Many tech companies are moving ahead with regular subscription money. Such is the case with Microsoft as well.

Since its launch users have purchased Office suite as a one-off perpetual license. However, it seems like the company is wanting to push its consumers towards an annual subscription.

For ages, Microsoft has been selling one-off licenses. This will no longer be followed for the Office 2019.

As a part of its Homes Use Program (HUP). As noted by the sources, the company has updated its Home Use Program.

It will be frequently questioned for the page to confirm, “Office Professional Plus 2019 and Office Home and Business 2019 are no longer available as Home Use Program Offers.”

The Home Use Program is a system that is targetted towards employees of eligible companies. This will allow them to buy the same Microsoft products they use as well as at home.

Although, earlier employees were offered discounted rates to purchase a one-off license. Now, they will have to buy a subscription with thirty percent discounted rates.

The cost being $48.99 for a year for Office 365 Personal or $69.99 a year for Office365 Home. However, for the users who have already purchased a perpetual license, it will continue to work.

Although, if you purchase a subscription under the new HUP it will continue to receive the discount renewal. As though, for now, the company will continue to offer perpetual licenses for Office 2019.

For the users who would rather buy the software then rent it. However, the company is very clear about its plans to continue to nudge the users for the subscription of Office 365.

Much like Netflix, as well as many phone apps, even Microsoft is looking forward to earning reliable subscription money.


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