J&J Ordered To Pay $8 Billion Over AntiPsychotic Drug


The Philadelphia Jury has ordered Johnson & Johnson, an American pharmaceutical company to pay $8 Billion in damages to breast tissue that involves enlargement of the same. The Maryland man says that Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug failed to warn the risk of the side effect.

J&J’s Risperdal drug is alleged to cause a condition called gynecomastia[enlarged breasts]. Over the years, the company has been slumped by thousands of lawsuits from its products that caused injuries and have afflicted the consumer with various conditions.

J&J And Lawsuits

In August, an Oklahoma judge ordered the pharmaceutical company to pay $572 Million over the opioid addiction crisis in the state. Last year, J&J failed to persuade St. Louis Judge over the talc powder verdict. The judge found that the company should pay $4.69 Billion to 22 women and their families who blamed that talc powder caused ovarian cancer.

However, J&J has denied the allegations and appealed to both the cases. It is observed that whenever a company appeals, the jury reduces the awards to the acclaimed person.

How did the lawsuit over anti-psychotic begin?

Nicholas Murray alleged that he developed breasts after the doctor prescribed Risperdal in 2003. He was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The US Food Drug and Administration approved the drug in 1993 for treating schizophrenia and episodes of bipolar mania in adults.

He filed a lawsuit against the J&J over failing to warn the risk of consuming the drug. The case rewarded him $680,000 in punitive damages. However, an appeal by the company changed the jury’s decision and landed on Jury’s Tuesday verdict to pay $8 Billion in punitive damages.

J&J statement on the verdict

The 133 years old company said that the award is “grossly disproportionate with the initial compensatory award in this case, and the company is confident it will be overturned.

Risperdal is one of the highest-selling drug sold by J&J until 2008 after losing its patent in the same year.


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